Looking for a Hollywood smile? We know the secret of the stars and we’re willing to share the secret with you! Veneers are the way Hollywood celebrities improve their smile, and today’s veneers are more affordable than ever. Veneers are permanent shells that cover your existing teeth, improving the look of cracks, stains, spaces, chips and misalignments.

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We offer Lumineers veneers, the #1 patient requested veneer in the world. The process starts by coming in for a consultation, then when you decide to proceed, we begin by taking photos and impressions of your teeth. The impressions, photos, and your other dental records are sent to a lab. A couple weeks later your veneers will arrive and you’ll come in to our office and we’ll place your veneers. Your teeth will be moderately etched and the veneers will be permanently bonded, one veneer at a time. Finally, we’ll check your bite to ensure they are balanced well, feel natural, and won’t chip.

The whole procedure is completely pain-free, is usually done in about an hour, and your veneers will last decades, possibly even a lifetime!

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