Mini Denture Implants And How They Work

A full dental implant takes the place of a tooth; they have been in common use since the 1970s. Mini dental implants on the other hand were not approved for use by the FDA until the late 1990s. Mini dental implants, often known as denture implants in Spring TX are about half the width of a full size implant and cost considerably less and require no recovery time at all. To put them in perspective they are a little bigger than a toothpick but they are considered to be a permanent implant. Since these mini implants have only been an approved product since 1999 it is still hard to determine what their life expectancy is but it looks very positive.

Mini implants, due to their size are ideally suited to support crowns where space for a full size implant is not available. These mini devices are also ideal as denture implants in Spring TX; they are located in such a way that they hold the denture in place. The implants, just like full size implants are made from titanium and they are available in a number of lengths to accommodate different bone densities that are found in different patients.

The procedure of implantation is quite straight forward; the dentist uses an anesthetic directly on the gums where the implant will take place. In many cases the implant can pierce the gum without having to make an incision. The dentist drills a tiny pilot hole in the jaw bone; the implants are then simply screwed in and tightened using a small wrench. The traditional implant site is on the lower jaw; four implants are placed right along the jaw line where at one time there were six lower teeth.

A full size tooth implant can take several months to be completed, denture implants in Spring TX can be completed in less than an hour and a half with minimal discomfort and any pain there is can be treated with simple ibuprofen. As soon as the implants are in, the denture can be set immediately.

Dentures are fitted in one of two ways, the first is to hollow out a space in the existing denture and fill the space with relining material. This method allows for some movement and the soft lining material must be replaced regularly. The other method is considered permanent. A rubber o-ring is placed over each mini implant. A hollow is ground out of the denture and filled with a hard plastic. The dentures are returned to the patient’s mouth where he or she bites down hard as the plastic cures. The dentures now snap down over the implants and are permanent.

Although most people are candidates for denture implants in Spring TX, those with diabetes or those with a history of radiation treatments are cautioned against this procedure.

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