Financial Policy

We accept all common forms of payment including check, cash and the four major credit cards – MasterCard, VISA, AmEx and Discover. We ask for payment at the time of service for those patients who don’t have dental insurance.

If you have dental insurance, we’ll gladly work with your insurance provider for payment, but as part of our agreement with you, you have the final responsibility for payment.

Please contact our office to find out if your dental insurance is one we accept. We do work with most of the major carriers. You may not be aware of some common issues with dental insurance so we want you to know that it’s common practice for dental insurance providers to take a survey of dentists in a geographic area to figure out what the average fees are for various services, then to call 90% of that average fee “customary.” They include so-called discount practices in their averages so most private practice doctors fees will be considered higher than average. You should know that dental insurance is meant to be an aid to cover unexpected high-cost treatment that you may need, not to pay for all your dental needs. Most insurance carriers don’t cover many routine dental care needs and what they do cover is determined by the premium you or your employer pays for your insurance plan.

If you have any concerns about our prices or what your insurance will pay, please feel free to ask us. We’ll gladly work with you and with your insurance provider to make your dental care costs as affordable to you as possible.

We also provide access to financing with CareCredit, a healthcare credit card accepted at over 175,000 providers nationwide. With CareCredit, you can pay for treatments and procedures for you and your family right away and then make convenient monthly payments. Application is quick and easy. Click the button below to get started.