Dental Implants with Galileos

Dental Implants VideoWhen you need a dental implant, we use the advanced technology of  Galileos 3D imaging to enhance our ability to provide an accurate diagnosis, treatment plan and successful outcome of the procedure. Galileos was designed for the dental industry and provides the highest technology and accuracy available to image our patient’s jaw and teeth. Galileos imaging makes use of the lowest level dosage of radiation possible, all the while giving us previously unimaginable clarity and high definition images to plan and perform your dental implant procedure.

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pi_sirona_galileos_praxis_174With Galileos we can show you your teeth and jaw structures and clearly help you visualize our treatment plan in a way that helps you understand better what the problems are and how our treatment will help you. The Galileos imaging scanner is quick and painless, producing all the detail we need to visualize every tooth and your entire jaw structure in just one pass that takes 14 seconds, eliminating the need to have further x-rays or imaging procedures for the duration of the treatment. No surprises, no unexpected expense or discomfort. The Galileos software allows us to order surgical guides we can follow and you can understand so you can undergo the procedure without fear.

The Galileos 3D imaging scanner uses less than 1 100th  the radiation dose of traditional CT scans that are used in hospitals. In fact, Galileos uses under half the radiation exposure you’d normally receive with a full mouth x-ray series that only provides 2D views.

With Galileos 3D imaging and guided implant surgery, there’s no reason not to choose a dental implant as the best option to replace a missing or severely damaged tooth.  Dental implants using Galileos imaging and surgical guidance are a safe, permanent, cost-effective way to provide a permanent replacement for the tooth you lost. Your new tooth, secured with a dental implant, will look and feel just like a normal, healthy tooth, allowing you to enjoy food and have a confident smile the way you could before.

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