Benefits of Improving Your Smile

improve your smile

Improving your smile, whether by teeth whitening, veneers, restorative implants or other cosmetic procedures has far-reaching positive effects. Not only can the work create dramatic physical improvements, but the benefits also extend well beyond the actual teeth.

In fact, improving your smile can truly be a life-changing decision. Some of the benefits to cosmetic dentistry include:

Increased Confidence – People who are self-conscious about their teeth often avoid smiling. The last thing they want to do is draw attention to them, so may limit social interactions or avoid eye contact out of embarrassment. Improving someone’s smile has a huge impact on his or her self-confidence. She is no longer embarrassed or worried about her appearance and can now smile and laugh proudly.

Many people don’t realize how self-conscious they were about their smile until they take the steps to have it improved.  The change in self-esteem is often quick and dramatic.

Elevated Mood –Because they find themselves smiling more, cosmetic patients often find themselves in much happier moods overall. It’s not just psychological.  Science tells us that smiling not only makes you look happier, but it truly does make you feel happier. When you smile, your body releases endorphins that brighten your mood. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, when you do you can trick your brain into thinking it’s happy. Pretty cool trick.

Leads to New Opportunities – When people take the steps to improve their smiles, they’re also taking steps to improve their life. Once they experience the increased confidence that accompanies their new smile, many find themselves faced with new opportunities, both professional and personal. They may find the confidence to ace that interview for their dream job, or go on the blind date with their future husband. They’re open to new opportunities, meeting new people and taking on new adventures.

When a patient improves his or her smile the physical changes may be dramatic, but the emotional changes that accompany it can be life changing. If you’re considering cosmetic or esthetic dentistry in the upcoming year the change in confidence, increased happiness and new potential opportunities are three important reasons to make an appointment today.

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